Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quick Update

Hey All,

Quick shot of the latest Audio Explorer sans TreeView
Just dropping in for a quick update, I'm still working on the Explorer Tools but with not much to say other than I've been reading up on Unity's TreeViews for making the tools look a little better and be as up-to-date with how Unity is handling these types of tools for a more recognizable UX. After that I can go on with the rest of the planned tools. I've also been looking at Valve's Phonon Spatial Audio solution, or Steam Audio as it is also called and possibly looking at extending the Audio Explorer I've already written to support Phonon build support.

As of now Phonon takes a bit of setting up in a scene. AudioSources, Geometry and other objects need to have their proper components in place before a proper Phonon build can be made.

  • On a side-note I think it's interesting how Audio has followed suit with Materials, in terms of PBR, what does anyone reading think the next area of physics based improvements will be made as far as immersive elements in games?

The solution would look to see if Phonon was installed and if so, flag each AudioSource not properly configured for Phonon. As far as geometry, it's a little trickier—what does the designer want to be registered as having both Phonon Geometry and Phonon Material components—and what does she not? The only thing that comes to mind now is enforcing grouping habits with null game objects. The null object would have a component called 'LevelGeometry' containing the necessary information in that class to setup Phonon on each piece under that parent object while also being able to be checked in an Explorer Tool Editor Window—the tools could also possibly just search for Phonon Gemeometry components being used as parent components and work in that fashion.

So the big idea being the Audio Explorer having a kind of validation method for Phonon related components in the game world. Check back soon as I'm very interested in exploring this, but I also want to continue finishing the Book of Shadows for Zen to get a game-play video out as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

*Oh, and I've also recently written a new Portfolio and I'd love to share it to anyone reading.

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