Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Explorer Tools Update #1

Hello All,

Another quick update here on the Explorer tools I've bee writing for Hexcraft. So far the Audio Explorer does quite a lot of useful things, it can select, focus add or remove components create objects with components and all the basic actions you would want to do when working with audio. I've also added a Listener tab for all listener related actions and searching.

As for the Canvas Explorer I've got basic searching and actions (adding, removing, selection and focus) and want to begin adding tabs for various types of canvas objects to fully be able to explore UI elements within a scene without looking in the Hierarchy for ages or for play-testing (disable upon entering editor mode and enable upon play-mode options)—eventually leading to a possible separate UI editor window, where UI elements are hidden in normal editor mode and revealed in 2D UI edit mode, which should make the UI system play nicely for level designers using ProCore tools or other similar assets.

I'm also expanding the Explorer tools to a Particle Explorer and a eventually a custom Entity Explorer for all Hexcraft related components and prefabs. The updates will come faster as I finish my last week of school here at Cornish and have a little more time available.

Keep posted for some updates and shots of all the Explorer tools and possibly some .gifs of them in action.

Happy Wednesday!

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