Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hexcraft and Explorer Tools

With the recent Unity 5.6 update there was an interesting tool added to the editor which was a problem in plain site and offered a whole host of other similar tools that could be written in that same manner. After talking to a friend of mine about the latest update and the Light Explorer included in it we got on to the topic of other little annoyances that could be solved like that. He came upon the idea of AudioSources and how difficult it is to find a specific one in the editor and I had brought up the same subject, but in regard to Canvas objects.
Shot of the Light Explorer added in the Unity 5.6 update, and the Audio Explorer I wrote to the right.
So, with some free time after the recent BFA show I took the opportunity to add these features to a tool-set for Unity I've been writing called Hexcraft,  primarily a modding tool for all games released by my startup studio 100 Worries, but also a series of useful tools, editor extensions, databases and editors for general game mechanics and boilerplate level entities. I've got a nice simple Audio Explorer added so far, with the ability to see all sources within a scene, edit them, add a new source and so on...  I'll also be adding a Canvas Explorer and possibly a Canvas Editor (to separate the scene from the Canvas and vice versa) to solve another little issue of having giant UI elements floating in my levels all the time. Further work will involve using tree-views like the Light Explorer does for ease-of-use and clarity and a cosmetic polish.

Keep posted and I'll continue to show the updates!

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